Sessions & "Live" Playing

Sessions & "Live" Playing

To Contact Steve for Recording Sessions, "Live" Playing or Lessons 

Please E.mail: 

* Professional Guitars / Mandolin Recording Sessions.

* (I can also send tracks via: Online)

* ALSO *

* Professional Guitars / Mandolin / Vocals "Live" playing situations.

* (Tours / Artists / Shows / Showcases / Acoustic Solo)

* I'm A Nashville BMI Affiliated Songwriter.

* I'm also a Nashville Musicians Union Member (22yrs.- Local #257) -


"One of my all time favorite guitar heroes Steve Purcell  - not only Nashville's finest, but one of the best in the business and an amazing dude".
                                            - Ron Keel (Steeler, KEEL, Black Sabbath)

"Steve's The Best"  - Dave Gant (Piano/Band Leader Garth Brooks)  


                                                                      * Ghost Riders (in the sky) Video *

                                                            * Show with Paul Stanley (KISS - Love Gun) *

                                                     * Show with Dave Ellefson (Bassist-Megadeth) *

* I recently had the privilege of having a song I co-wrote released as a single by new Nashville Country/Americana Artist, Collin Mills "Long Time Coming" (currently #14 AMC Country Charts).

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